Do your frontals come pre-plucked?2019-06-21T18:11:06-05:00

Our frontals do come pre-plunked and knots can be bleached as well.

Do you offer wholesale?2019-06-21T18:10:47-05:00

Wholesale can only be offered on purchases of 50 pieces or more. For more information, please contact a store nearest you.

Can I color my bundles?2019-06-21T18:10:21-05:00

Yes, all color techniques can be applied to our bundles.

Will my curly hair revert back to its curly state if I straighten it?2019-06-21T18:09:49-05:00

Yes, all of our curly bundles will have no issue returning back to being curly. You’ll find that our bundles will provide ease when styling.

If I purchase a 4×4 closure will I still need 3 bundles?2019-06-21T18:09:27-05:00

Yes, you will still need 3 bundles to complete a full head with a closure.

Do I still need 3 bundles if I’m purchasing a 360 frontal?2019-06-21T18:09:09-05:00

If you’re purchasing a 360 frontal, 2 bundles should be enough to complete a full head.

How many bundles do I need?2019-06-21T18:07:58-05:00

The amount of bundles needed depends on your desired style. However, to complete a full head, 3 bundles are needed.

How do I take care of my bundles?2019-06-21T18:07:37-05:00

Hair care information can be found in our blog section. We provide detailed tips and tricks for all things hair.

How long will my bundles last?2019-06-21T18:06:41-05:00

With proper care, your bundles should last a full year. Depending on
your style, they could possibly last longer.

What is your online return policy?2019-06-21T18:06:19-05:00

Final sale unless item is in its ORIGINAL Condition, at that point customer is responsible to return item to Glitzzy Hair Inc. 114-16 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11433 for a refund minus shipping cost, if received within 30 days of purchase date. You can contact our online support team if further information is needed.

Where do you ship?2019-06-21T18:05:13-05:00

Currently, we ship within the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

When will my order ship?2019-06-21T18:04:54-05:00

Orders usually ship within 24 hours of payment being received.

When will my order arrive?2019-06-21T18:02:40-05:00

Packages typically arrive within 5-6 business days. Wigs may take more than the usual 5-6 business days.