I just want to thank the weave gods for blessing me with theses closures and frontals because honey, lord knows my edges needed a break and this leave out let’s just say it needs to be left in! I had my friend ask me the other day if she should do a leave out or get a closure or frontal and I I had to to ask her is that even a question. Of course you need a closure or frontal! Your leave out will thank you later. The real question is which closure is more suitable for you. So many people are afraid to dip into this closure wave in fear of it not looking right but I’ll be the first to tell you, swim baby SWIM! You need this in your life. First off closures are bomb and my personal preference is a 5×5. You get just enough parting and if installed properly that bad boy will look like it’s growing from your scalp, but let’s not sleep on frontals, these I think are for the more experienced if your a closure virgin, first get your feet wet starting small and then you can jump right into slaying this frontal game. With frontals you can fleek your little baby hairs, create bomb ponytails and so much more. If you haven’t experience a closure or frontal yet you haven’t lived and you need to get your life! And the only way to do it in style is by getting your closures and frontals from the one and only GLITZZY HAIR! What are you waiting for, get it, wear it, flaunt it honey!